Built-In Technology

Electrical. Communications. Security. Fiber Optics.

About Us.
Built-in Technology Pty. Ltd, formed in 2003, is a professional cabling company based in Abbotsford Victoria and Aspley Queensland. We are a leading force in the communications, electrical and security industry.
Built-in Technology is a solid organization with resources and project management expertise to deliver leading edge, turnkey solutions to our customers needs efficiently and cost effectively.

We are dedicated to creating win-win partnerships through value creation and communication. Our success has been built on old-fashioned hard work and our unparalleled customer service and our commitment to operational excellence and safety exceeds industry requirements.

We have achieved this by: Seeking continuous improvement in our performance and operations to reflect evolving customer expectations, management practices, industry knowledge and technology.
Committing to the Health, Safety and Environmental responsibility for our personnel and customers. Complying with the industry code of practice, all applicable laws, regulations and Australian Standards.
Enviromental Policy.
Built-in Technology Pty Ltd values our natural environment highly and is firmly committed to sound environmental practice in our daily operations. Taking compliance with environmental laws as a starting point, Built-in Technology Pty Ltd will work to ensure that it minimizes the impact on the environment when undertaking any of its activities and strive to preserve the beneficial qualities of the environment in which it undertakes its activities by:

Continually improving the efficiency of our resource usage, including energy, water, consumables and construction materials; Minimising waste generation through the application of reduce, reuse and recycle practices wherever practicable and by ensuring that unavoidable waste is disposed of responsibly;

Managing our activities so that impact to air, water, land, sound, visual quality, or flora and fauna is minimised;

Working with its staff to adopt sound environmental work practices, and by providing adequate training and resources to ensure practices are carried out;

Insisting that our contractors and suppliers meet the same stringent environmental standards we have set for ourselves; and

Being open and responsive to the environmental concerns of the community and government.

Managing Director October 2003
OH&S Policy.
It is the Policy of Built-in Technology Pty Ltd that all operations in the company are carried out and comply with all relevant State and Commonwealth Legislation, Codes of Practice & Standards, and our own Occupational Health and Safety Procedures.

We are obliged to provide a healthy and safe workplace for our employees and conversely each and every employee has a responsibility and duty to ensure that their work is carried out safely and without danger to others in the workplace.

The effectiveness of our Occupational Health and Safety programs will come from the individual and combined efforts of all of us doing our utmost to make them successful.

Managing Director October 2003